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Company Established: 2015

Where do you want to travel next? I’ve been to more than 43 countries worldwide, so it’s a question I’m always asking people. I love advising others on how they can enjoy the best, most personalized travel experiences. This passion led me to found Gravitate Travel in 2015, after many years working in the industry. Our mission is to help every client enjoy their most memorable experiences every time they travel. Our clients are always coming up with new answers to my favourite question because they know we’ll ensure them the same consistent yet magical travel experience as we helped arrange previously. Working for over 26 years in the travel industry, I’ve spent years building relationships with travel clients as well as vendors of travel, particularly luxury travel brands. That means I know the best hotels in a client’s city of choice, or I know someone who knows. For years, I’ve created custom, detailed itineraries for many different types of vacations, from safaris to guided tours. If you’ve thought of an answer to my favourite question, or if you just want to chat about your next destination, feel free to message me – I’m happy to talk travel anytime.
Scott Waldron
Scott Waldron

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